Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Having a busy day at work, but tonight I promise updates on:

  • The TV Writer's Strike is being settled as we speak - I'll let you know which shows are coming back this season, which are on hold until September, and how my favourite new show has been picked up for next year and managed to avoid being stomped on by American Idol
  • It's Oscar season and I embark on my usual round of Oscar Nominee Marathon catch-up

* please note that "Throttling a Groundhog" is not a euphenism for any particular act that you are thinking of accusing me of. Now, if I said "Throttling a Haggis", you could draw your own conclusions.


Rebecca said...

That SOB is persona non grata up here. It was -35 yesterday when I walked to work, and a balmy -33 this morning.

Anonymous said...

Yeah but I'm sure we have way more snow that you do