Tuesday, September 19, 2006

I noticed this on a blog I started to read this week Moviepie Musings and thought I'd use it to remind people how to comment on posts without registering with Blogger.

1. click on the "comments" hyperlink at the bottom of the blog entry on which you'd like to comment

2. type your comment into the text box

3. when asked for your identity, simply select "other" -- this opens two new fields: one for your name (or handle or however you'd like to be identified), and one for your website's URL (if you have one or feel like putting one in...it's not necessary)

4. then click "publish your comment" and presto! you did it! hooray!

It's quick, easy and completely anonymous (i.e., in case you're worried, we can't trace you or anything). So, please, comment away!


brokenengine said...

My problem was that, although I am with blogger, I have upgraded to blogger beta, whivch means that I can't comment on your blog or vice versa. Unless I choose this "other" thing.