Friday, September 15, 2006

All the best to my friend Nicole this weekend as she takes a leap into the nuptial pool.

All right, in English, one of my best friends is getting married this weekend. It's a small affair, mainly family, so I'll have to settle for sending my best wishes and planning an Autumn roadtrip to Ottawa to help celebrate once the dust has settled from the whole thing. The wedding itself sounded like what a lot of weddings miss out on: fun and celebration. Too many bridezillas, parental interference and 16-person wedding parties out there for my tastes. I think weddings should represent the couple getting married. If the groom has made 6 groomsmen, guess who he's spending most of his quality time with outside of the office.

Nicole went with the above cake topper, which suits her and Mr. Nicole's personalities. I sent along this suggestion for a cake-topper I found on Accordion Guy's blog:

Note: I've seen this noted topper called "Drunk Groom", but I think it should be "Reluctant Groom": note the fingernail marks he leaves in the icing. I wish there was a CSI division that deals just with cake. CSI: Entemann's. CSI: Dufflets. Mhmmmm cake.


Nikita said...

Thanks Jay!!
The wedding was a blast!!

I'll send you pics when I have some good ones!

(a.k.a. the Wife)