Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Parents, might as well start to line-up for the hot Christmas toy now. In honour (or as an excuse) of the 10th anniversary of Tickle Me Elmo, a new toy named Tickle Me Extreme Elmo was unveiled from its cloud of secrecy. Not content to merely laugh, this Elmo has a damned fit, not seen since I imitated the dialogue between 2 cats in heat to Michelle and she punched me to shut me up, just so she could get her breath back.

TMX Elmo (yes, really its name) slaps his knee, rolls on the floor and clutches his tummy as he stop just short of pissing himself with laughter. I can already picture my 4 year old god-daughter imitating TMX Elmo on Christmas Day. Nothing says Christmas like trying to stop a child from pounding the floor with laughter during grace.

Why is it necessary for Elmo to be Extreme? Extreme is such a 90s type of marketing phrase. Does Elmo pound back Red Bull and Mountain Dew, go bungee jumping and the hit the skate park? Is he snorting a line of cocaine off of Big Bird's beak and then driving to Vegas with Oscar the Grouch, whilst imaginary bats and Snuffalupgus chase them across the desert?

I anxiously await all manner of inappropriate videos of this doll in action to hit YouTube. Top-secret Elmo revealed! Fisher-Price's 10th anniversary of the Sesame Street doll is a hysterically laughing, belly-clutching, floor-thumping extreme version of itself.


Mich said...

Well I was hyperventalating !
that's my excuse
Sears will have TMX Elmo not sure if we are going to get one and then sell it on Ebay for gobs and gobs of money!


Greg said...

Dude, the X in TMX does not stand for extreme - it stands for 10, as in 10th anniversary edition of the original Tickle Me Elmo.


the2scoops said...

According to the marketers, "T.M.X." stands for 2 things - "Tickle Me eXtreme" or "Tickle Me 10," representing the toy's 10-year milestone.

They should rename it E.M.D. = Elmo of Mass Destruction.