Friday, April 28, 2006

A little nostalgia today. Back in the 1987, there was a great cult classic movie called The Monster Squad (1987). Well, great is an overstatement, but it was a blast when you were 12 years old. There was a number of teen-adventure movies released following the success of The Goonies , including The Lost Boys (1987) and Explorers (1985). The Monster Squad (1987) was kind of a Goonies and Ghostbusters hybrid.

The Monster Squad (1987) was about a group of kids who have to take matters into their own hands when monsters, led by Dracula, come to town. As in most movies like this, adults and authority figures don't believe the kids until it's too late, but the kids manage to convert Frankenstein's monster to their side and with the help of an elderly neighbour (message: old people are useful), discover a way to banish the monsters to Limbo.

It's cheesy fun, with swearing, smoking, monsters, humour and fighting - everything a teenager would want from a movie. Some decent special effects and some classic lines: "Wolfman's got nards!" There's the rebellious kid, the fat kid, the earnest kid, the little kid.

It's only been available on VHS or as a bootleg DVD. There is no word of an official release on DVD, I suspect it's likely tied up in some sort of licensing/ownership mess. For now, enjoy the trailer and the flashbacks.

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